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Just because your children live with privilege doesn’t mean they have to be entitled.

Raise Healthy, Grounded and Empowered Kids.

The pressure of having so much is often too much for them to handle.

Under what may seem the best possible conditions and no matter how well-intentioned and committed you are, parents are often challenged to raise healthy, grounded kids. Materialism and a sense of entitlement may hamper your relationship with your children and create roadblocks to their personal success.

Defining expectations and setting boundaries are a critical component of successful parenting in all families. The Wealth Legacy Group consultants have extensive background in this specialty and sensitivity to how family history and dynamics play into present-day reality.

We provide tools to:

  • Help instill a sense of purpose, motivation, and responsibility in your children
  • Raise philanthropic children who are not spoiled nor feel entitled
  • Educate children to value, respect and ultimately manage their own money responsibly
  • Balance time spent with family and at work
  • Help you tolerate imperfections in both your children and yourself as a parent
  • Normalize the conversations about money and the experience of wealth

We help parents have empowering conversations about money, wealth and value with their children throughout various stages of development.
Communication skills are improved, expectations are articulated and the foundation is laid for a rich life with and for your children.

Check out our Raising Empowered Children workshop to learn with other parents facing similar issues.


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