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True wealth is more than having money.

Explore your True Net WorthTM

Learn about how to be more Empowered with your Financial Decisions.

We facilitate a safe and confidential space for women of wealth to grapple with the complexities of identity and of relationships, both with others and with money.

We give women the chance to explore the opportunities and tensions that wealth can create, and provide a practical framework for how to develop confidence, competence and comfort with their wealth and status. Some aspects of our approach our women clients find significantly helpful include:

  • Normalizing the experience of being a woman of worth and distinction
  • Introducing concept of “money types” and how they relate to life – trying on new options
  • Exploring common challenges shared by other women in similar circumstances and determining the best ways to move with grace and skill in relationship to money, finances and planning
  • Strategies for how to build awareness of patterns and shift to more empowered choices
  • Solutions for their key concerns – gaining immediate and practical support

One of our most supportive programs addressing all of these issues and more is the RichLife Portfolio Process – have a look!


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