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Our Philosophy

Each of us has unique gifts and abilities to contribute towards making the world a better place. In order to maximally thrive, we must utilize our True Net Worth towards creating win/win solutions, while simultaneously minimizing the obstacles in our way.

Our Mission

We leverage our True Net Worth in order to provide a safe place for you to openly explore the unique challenges and opportunities that come with wealth, and family fiduciary responsibility.

Our Work

We listen closely. Each story is different, always compelling and sometimes quite challenging. We adapt our tools to the needs of our clients and together, we create effective solutions.

We work with you to contretize your values, create your legacy for the future and then to strategically plan how best to utilize and to grow all of your resources in service of your goals.

Some of the most unhappy people we’ve met are also the wealthiest. This is not only unnecessary, but robs the world of the unique gifts, talents and intangible assets you have to offer.

We provide unique expertise and give you a safe and confidential space to resolve:

  • Overwhelm and lack of confidence related to financial decision-making
  • Fear and concern about raising entitled children
  • Anxiety about how to bring up money when dating
  • Doubt about who you can trust when approached by advisors and investments
  • Guilt and shame about your wealth
  • Resentment, resignation, or regret in your marriage/partnership due to unresolved conflicts about money

We recognize that our clients are extraordinary. You are coming to us with a sense of purpose and a desire to improve your situation. You are thoughtful and intelligent. Our role is to illuminate and expand what you already know – using tools we’ve developed over years of practice – and then to guide you to a new level of awareness and thriving.

Our Team

Having facilitated over 300 family meetings and worked with hundreds of affluent clients, we can assure you that money does not buy happiness.

Our goal is to assist you in finding purpose, feeling engaged, and being fulfilled. Fusing the worlds of consulting, coaching, and wealth psychology, we provide the tools and skills necessary to help you achieve the results you want.

Our team is made up of specialists from various fields to best serve your needs.

Dr Jamie Traeger-Muney

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