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Mixing money and love can be like mixing oil and water.

Money is the #1 thing couples fight about.

Issues of trust and a sense of self are the most challenging aspects of any romantic partnership, particularly those that include wealth.

When unresolved issues related to money and power are not effectively addressed in relationships, they can erode the love between even the most committed people and create long-standing hurt, resentment and resignation.

At the Wealth Legacy Group, our philosophy is that your emotional net worth should be on a par with your financial net worth. We have the tools and expertise to help you achieve that delicate balance to help your relationship thrive.

Common questions and challenges we address:

  • Are you afraid of being loved for your money and not for yourself?
  • Is there fiscal inequality between the two of you that is impacting your level of intimacy?
  • Do you have unresolved issues around how your prenuptial agreement process was handled?
  • Do your approaches to money clash and cause ongoing conflict in your marriage?

These are sensitive issues requiring candid discussions. We offer guidance without judgment and help you define your needs, set boundaries and open new doors to intimacy. We show you how to navigate challenging conversations in your partnership with freedom, ease, and joy.

If you want to understand the nuances of how your unconscious patterns, combined with your past experiences with money, are shaping your current challenges and concerns with financial conversations and decisions, consider investing in your future with the RichLife PortfolioTMProgram.


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