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Emotional security isn’t always synonymous with financial security.

Legacies are gifts, but they often come with a price.

For some, the gift is an opportunity for a life filled with purpose and enjoyment.  For others, it is a cumbersome and heavy weight that threatens their sense of self.  For most, it is a combination of both.

It is not uncommon to experience:

  • Ambivalence about your wealth
  • Fear that you may never measure up to your parents or benefactors
  • Feeling like a fraud and dreading being asked what you do for a living
  • A lack of passion, motivation or purpose
  • Dependence on your parents or a trust fund to maintain your lifestyle
  • Low self-esteem and self-worth

You are not alone. The consultants at the Wealth Legacy Group will work with you, in a safe environment, to explore common concerns and situations unique to your background. We help you gain insight into how values, attitudes, and expectations have been passed through your extended family and continue to influence you. As your awareness increases, you will create new opportunities to build your own Rich Life.

If reading the above has you breathing a sigh of relief at finally finding a resource for what you’ve been feeling and challenged by, then the best next step for your consideration is the RichLife Portfolio Process.


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