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Rich Life PortfolioTM

A unique process that explores your relationship with money and wealth.

This training is offered for both individuals & advisors.

The RichLife PortfolioTM is a unique process that explores your relationship with money and wealth; most especially Inheritors and Couples who are “Fiscal Unequals”.  This workshop offers a process allowing you to effortlessly get from where you are in the moment to where you want to go. During this progam, you will re-explore your past from a new perspective; step into your vision for the future; and get into action around the ways you want to engage in the present. This approach is positively focused, concentrating on what works and building on strengths.

Much like a start up company uses a business plan to implement a successful business strategy, the RichLife PortfolioTM provides you with your personal true wealth plan that is aligned with your values and purpose.

Who Benefits from the RichLife PortfolioTM?

  • People who have experienced a liquidity event and are looking at what’s next.
  • Inheritors who want to have a sense of purpose and well-being, and embrace their wealth without feeling like it defines them.
  • Couples who are committed to a successful relationship – as this allows them to engage in their essential conversations related to money.
  • Parents who are thinking strategically about how to raise their children successfully amidst affluence.
  • Advisors who want to be more effective and empowered when working with their clients related to financial and estate planning decisions.

Whatever calls you to do this now, the RichLife PortfolioTM will allow you to dive easily and fruitfully into the “qualitative” softer side of your wealth. You will learn how to better interface with your clients when their emotions are stirred, and you will be able to help them understand how to best work with you towards greater confidence and competence with their finances and their future.

The RichLife PortfolioTM — DETAILS

Past: Discovering personal, familial, and historical stories related to money and wealth, and how these have played out in family dynamics.

Future: Values-based processes focused on Designing Your Future Now and the Legacy Stories you would like to live into.

Present: Tying in how the stories of the past and the hopes for the future play out in present day decision-making and actions.

Plan: Developing a plan to maximize your current actions in order to bring your created future to fruition.

Follow Up: You will have access to your coach after you complete the process as issues or questions arise when working with your clients, and your coach will also contact you quarterly to check in and see how you are progressing on your own.

Benefits: When you complete this training, you receive:

  • A certification in an established modality
  • Access to the RichLife Portfolio IP to use in your practice
  • Supervision with your first two clients
  • Support with marketing and promotion

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