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Speaking Engagements

Jamie tailors her speeches to fit the needs of each audience.

Supporting individuals, couples and families of wealth in discovering their True Net Worth.

Jamie is an engaging speaker whose presentations are insightful and inspiring.

Specializing in the emotional impact of money and wealth in people’s lives, Jamie has revolutionized the conversation of wealth and worth by providing an opportunity to openly discuss the roles money plays in her client’s lives, enabling them to be passionately engaged in the world and to lead a rich life.

Her personal experience as an owner of a family business and board member of her family foundation, combined with her expertise in wealth psychology, has given her a unique sensitivity to issues surrounding the inter-generational family dynamics of affluence.

Jamie has been featured in major media outlets such as: WSJ, BBC and Bloomberg BusinessWeek and is a regular contributor to Thrive Global.

Jamie has the distinction of being the first psychologist ever to be hired as an employee of a bank, to work with their clients. She worked as a Family Wealth Consultant for Wells Fargo’s Family Wealth Group, a multi-family office platform serving families with $50 million and above in investable assets.

Her style is permission granting, warm and authentic, normalizing feelings that many wealth holders have experienced, but never had the opportunity to discuss.  She engages participants with relevant stories from her own life and from her extensive work with clients.

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As someone involved in my family’s business for most of my life, I understand the emotional component that money can play in relationships but had never heard it articulated quite the way Jamie was able to through her engaging storytelling. She has managed to take the complicated and uncomfortable topic of wealth out of the closet as she passionately delivers her message with enthusiasm and empathy.
-Linda Stuart, Vancouver, Canada

Jamie was really authentic and knowledgeable as a speaker. Her story about her client making peace with her wealth was so inspiring. She helps her clients feel authentically aligned with their wealth in a true and heartfelt way. You could feel her warmth for her clients through the delivery of her speech.
-Lisa Fraley, Maine, USA

OMG Jamie! I loved her sincerity and extremely honest delivery. She has made me realize that being out of alignment does not only happen to those who don’t have, but to those who have it all. What a gift Jamie has to give the world.
-Brenda Ann Tsiaonsis, Hobart, Tasmania


Jamie tailors her speeches to fit the needs of each audience.

Thrive & Help Thrive: Using your True Net Worth to Create of Positive Impact in the World

We are currently experiencing particularly turbulent times. The prevailing mindset is win/lose and as a result, a lack of cooperation and scarcity prevail. Research shows that the more we focus on helping others to thrive, the more we thrive ourselves. By helping others, we each play an integral part of making positive changes in the world, and by doing so, we also experience greater meaning and fulfillment in our own lives. During this presentation, participants learn:

  • How to experience greater levels of thriving while simultaneously positively impacting the world
  • How to leverage your impact
  • How to use Thrive & Help Thrive to raise empowered children

How to Raise Empowered Rather than Entitled Children

Raising children well is the number one concern we hear from parents and grandparents. This interactive presentation provides participants with the opportunity to openly discuss challenges related to money and wealth. During the presentation, participants learn:

  • The 4 aspects of an empowered child
  • How to share your financial wealth with your children, without robbing them of their motivation
  • Effective tools to communicate with children, at developmentally appropriate levels, about money, privilege, and giving

Navigating Family Wealth Dynamics: What to Do When Challenges Arise

Using a fascinating case study of famous sisters, this presentation explores family dynamics associated with money and wealth and how to cool down heated tempers when problems occur. During this presentation, participants learn:

  • How to identify positive and negative family patterns
  • Tools to facilitate effective conversations within families
  • How to develop an aligned family action plan to support family development

If you would like to book Jamie to attend your event please contact us directly.


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