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Raising Empowered Children

How to Raise Empowered rather than Entitled Children.

Gain Greater Ease around Parenting in Affluence.

Are you inspired to raise children who are resilient and thoughtful when it comes to money and privilege?

If so, you are not alone! This workshop will provide participants the unique chance to openly discuss challenges related to money and wealth with others in similar circumstances.

  • Do you worry about raising your children or grandchildren in affluence?
  • Do you worry they will end up entitled and lack motivation?
  • Do you feel like you have no one with whom you can discuss these concerns?

During this interactive evening workshop, you will:

  • Discuss, “how much is enough?” ~ How to share your financial wealth with your children without robbing them of their motivation.
  • Learn effective tools to communicate with children, at developmentally appropriate levels, about money, privilege, and giving.
  • Engage with other parents and grandparents with the same concerns.

The issues addressed in this program come directly from your concerns, including:

  • “How can I respond when I don’t want to buy something my kids ask for, but they know we can afford it? What else can I say or do if I don’t want them to have it and all their friends have it?”
  • “My children are still young and I see how they already expect gifts when their grandparents visit and I am worried they are becoming entitled and spoiled.”
  • “How do I appropriately express and share my values in regards to our money and giving?”
  • “How do I teach my kids to be smart with money, to understand the value of money, and to be responsible with their money?”

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