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Your family is unique.  Your family is special.

100 Year Families

Our work with multi-generational families is grounded in the latest research.

While all families have their particular challenges, there are some common dynamics and core issues every family with significant resources has to address. The key is in HOW you go about navigating the conversations and multiple factors that need to be discussed rationally, while there are also emotions about the past and the future inextricably tied into whatever you are deciding.

We are part of a ground-breaking study analyzing the qualities and practices of “100 Year Families” who have been able to successfully transition their values along with their valuable beyond three generations. Contact us if you would like an executive summary from the first phase of the research entitled: Good Fortune: Building a Hundred Year Family Enterprise.

With our collective experience, both personally and professionally, we interface with families and family dynamics with ease and expertise in a variety of domains:

Family Businesses

We support rising generations to effectively manage their wealth & live fulfilled lives.

With over 50 years of combined experience both personally and professionally in family business dynamics and family philanthropy, WLG offers a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and insight to our family coaching.

As family dynamics specialists, we have facilitated over 300 family meetings with as few as four people to as many as four generations and twenty eight people.

We work with multi-generational families, to help you:

  • Create a unified family legacy mission and action plan that incorporates the various interests and social concerns of your family
  • Improve family relationships, by increasing trust and effective communication amongst family members
  • Develop sustainable family enterprise policies and governance structures coordinating needs across the domains of business ownership, management, and family participation

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